The app shows up as a virus in Windows Defender.

This is a false positive, caused by the app being compressed and not signed by a certificate authority. App certificates are expensive - around $500/yr - and no way am I paying that. The source code is public, so you or a programming friend can check it out and make sure no tomfoolery is going on 😌

Can I use this for my stream?

Yes absolutely! If you do, DM me on Twitter. I want to create a feature section on this site 💪

Can I use this for my own without streaming?

Yes! Quite a few people have also told me that peeking at their stats, during or after they play has helped them improve.

I can’t open CFN Tracker on Mac

If the app doesn’t open for you, right click the app > Show package contents > Contents > MacOS > double click CFN Tracker

Is it possible to use the CFN Tracker as an API?

It hasn’t been ruled out, but it’s not something we’re gonna work on in the forseeable future due to the difference in scope of a service like this.

How did you make this?

When I get around to it, you can read about it here